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As a commercial mortgage broker, we offer a variety of commercial mortgage options, terms and interest rates. At Commercial Lending Group, Inc. we pride ourselves on understanding and meeting your personal commercial mortgage needs. We work hard to help you consider your best options before purchasing or refinancing a commercial building for your business or investment portfolio.

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Commercial Lending Group, Inc. acts as your professional mortgage consultant and manages every detail of the loan process. We provide our clients with the most current market and lender information to ensure the best terms and rates for our clients. We deliver the results for our clients that have earned an excellent reputation in the industry and the trust and confidence of borrowers and lenders nationwide.

Let us put our 50 years of experience to work on your next apartment mortgage or commercial property loan request.

CLG always delivers. I had some out of state clients working with another lender. When the lender walked away from the transaction, my clients only had 30 days to close or lose their $50,000 non-refundable deposit. CLG said they could do it. And they did! We actually closed in 28 days from start to finish.”

Grayson Pounder, Pounder Realty

CLG tends to think outside the box. On a recent transaction here in Portland, we had an 18-unit project under contract made up of a 6-unit and 12-unit buildings on separate tax lots originally built as and priced as condos. Our buyer wanted to map the 12-unit in order to sell them individually and retain the 6-unit as apartments. Every lender the clients spoke to would only lend 60% or less based on cash flow. CLG looked at it as an acquisition and development project, eventually funding just under 75%.

Eddie Frager, Aschbacher & Frager

On several transactions over the past 3 years, CLG has been able to convince the lenders to bend enough to keep my purchases together and get them closed. CLG has become an integral part of my work looking at my listings in advance regarding potential financing. And before buyers get into contract on my listings, I check with CLG to make sure that the borrowers financing needs can be met and that they qualify. In a world of throw it against the wall and see what sticks brokers, it’s nice to find one who knows what they’re doing.

Larry Wagner, Capital Commercial Investments

Ours were probably the biggest logistical challenges CLG has faced in some time. We live in New York, the first 3 properties were in Ohio, the 4th in New York and on one the seller was in San Francisco. CLG was easy to work with, coordinating with each title company and sets of realtors and the lender. They explained everything and walked us through the loan process on each transaction. We couldn’t ask for more!

Chara Caruthers and Matt Donovan, Investors

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Commercial Lending Group, Inc. is a volume leader in the commercial lending brokerage business, priding ourselves on serving commercial investors with expertise gained over our combined 50+ years of experience.

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