Our Commercial Lending Group, Inc. team consists of former senior executives from banking and loan servicing, who bring their prominent reputations and industry experience to every transaction with a high rate of successful workout resolutions for their clients.

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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

We understand how important it is to protect your personal information. Therefore, we hold the information you provide in the strictest of confidence, using it only for the purposes of identifying the right loan program for you, or processing, underwriting, funding and servicing the loan for which you apply.
Commercial Lending Group, Inc. has developed a comprehensive privacy policy and we use the latest advanced data-encryption and storage technology to protect your sensitive personal information, and ensure that your personal information is secure.
Your Social Security Number is necessary and used for the sole purpose of ordering your Credit Report. The information contained in your Credit Report will help us to determine the best loan program based on your lending needs.
Be assured, we hold any and all information from you in strictest confidence and do not share your information with any party, except as necessary to process, underwrite, fund, service, etc. the loan for which you have applied.
CLG does not share, distribute or sell any personal information or otherwise with unaffiliated third parties nor do we disseminate any information about you or your company, except as detailed above.

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